Baby Furniture

baby on floor with head upThe baby furniture you have will most likely last you a couple of years, hopefully even longer.

Some of my most dear pieces are the gliders that I have for my son and daughter, and the crib that both of them have used.

Like most people, you’ll want these pieces to stay nice, and be able to use them in the future for other family members for even grandchildren.

Other pieces, like baby gates, are products that may not last as long, but will be highly functional and play an important role in keeping your baby safe.

You’ll want to have them last, because the last thing anyone wants to do is buy multiple pieces of baby furniture that are not really needed, or because the first piece wasn’t quality or the right fit.

Review the pro’s and con’s of each item, and be sure to check out a model in store if possible as some finishes or fabrics could appear different online than in-person. 

We’ve rounded up the top rated items in each furniture category below for your convenience.

More categories coming soon. Anything to add?

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