Top Rated Baby Gates

Baby gates can be your best friend, keeping your baby (and fur-babies!) safe and sound.

toddler climbing up baby gateWhen you find the baby gate model, you can use it to separate space quickly and easily, block off stairs, and/or keep your rolling infant safely enclosed in a padded space.

Many people also use these to keep their animals enclosed. Baby gates are a great investment to have one around – we’ve used ours many times over, both inside and outside.

Our favorite top rated baby gate is the Summer Infant 6 Panel Fence, which lets you configure six different fence panels into any shape or fence that suits your needs.

We can easily maneuver it to small or big spaces, taking panels off when needed, and we also use it for our two cock-a-poos.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve also used it to block off a section for the dogs when we go on vacation as well. It’s been so handy and I’m so glad we have it.

Also keep the following considerations in mind before purchasing top rated baby gates: 

  • Height
  • Materials used
  • Door included or not
  • Removable/Non-Removable panels.
  • Usability for animals
  • Ease of cleaning

Here are quick hits on the best and top rated baby gates for your reference!

 Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

PROS review summary:

  • #1 best seller in indoor top rated baby gates
  • Pressure mounted, fits openings 29-40 inches wides with extensions up to 60 inches available
  • Easy touch release
  • Lightweight and transportable at 14 lbs
  • Durable and strong

CONS review summary:

  • Some reviewers note that the latch can require two hands, which can be difficult with a toddler
  • Some viewers note that gate comes as warped, but instructions note that the product was intended to be that way to help create the proper amount of tension


 Summer Infant Gate

PROS review summary:

  • Fits openings 28-48 inches wide
  • Optional hardware for installation on stairs
  • Elegant appearance; sturdy
  • Can be operated by one hand

CONS review summary:

  • Some viewers note that auto-close feature stops working after a bit of use; adjustment of knobs may need to be made


Regalo Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

PROS review summary:

  • Includes 8 panels that can be removed or configured to various spaces, up to 19 square feet
  • Can also be used as one long wall up to 192 inches
  • Easy fold down and storage
  • Sturdy metal material, ideal for both children and pets

CONS review summary:

  • Some people noted issues with the latch


Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard

PROS review summary:

  • Lightweight plastic, 6 panel fence or enclosed playyard
  • Includes 6 removable panels
  • 30 inches tall and can enclose up to 18.5 square inches
  • Portable with carry handle
  • Suitable for kids from 6-24 months

CONS review summary:

  • Some complaints from some reviewers on kids being able to put hands/feet in holes and climb


Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

PROS review summary:

  • Elegant look with hard wood inserts and premium inserts
  • Stands at 38″ tall and openings from 29-44 inches wide
  • Super light at 14 lbs

CONS review summary: 

  • Some reviewers note the lock mechanism is difficult to open
  • Some reviewers also note that it doesn’t feel as sturdy with animals or children putting full weight or force against it

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