Top Rated Baby Strollers

A baby stroller is easily one of the most used baby items in your life, especially depending on your activity and where you live.

For instance, people who live in urban areas and walk everywhere, will most likely use their baby stroller daily.

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Others may use theirs less frequently, but pull it out of their car to go shopping or simply on walks longer than they would care to carry their child.

Brands like Bob and Britax have long been popular in this market, especially with their quality, top rated baby strollers that last quite awhile and are good on various terrains.

Before choosing a baby stroller, it might be helpful to consider whether or not a top rated baby stroller or travel system is best for you and your family.

Check out our main car seat and stroller page to review what to consider before purchasing.


BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


PROS review summary:

  • One of the  most popular, top rated baby strollers on the market.
  • Long Life – Seat adjustments that grow with your child. Designed for 2 Months – Large toddler.
  • Easy Maneuvering – Front pivot wheel for easy 360 maneuvering. Competitors use smaller wheels that get stuck on small cracks.
  • Soft Ride – Air filled tires (as opposed to solid tires) and in frame suspension system.
  • Fast Storage – Breakdown/Setup 2-3 seconds.
  • Well Built – Durable stain resistant fabric and sturdy aluminum frame.

CONS review summary: 

  • Price – At $450, this is one of the more expensive strollers on the market.
  • Seat Belts are tough to tighten / adjust
  • Seat Firmness – firmer than competitors.
  • Seats do not recline as fully as previous BOB models
  • Running strap awkwardly placed on right side which is irritating to left handers.


Peg Perego Book Stroller


PROS review summary:

  • #1 top rated baby stroller from leading consumer magazine
  • Luxurious – let’s not kid ourselves here, it’s made in Italy J
  • Huge Canopy – Large breathable canopy to protect baby from the elements.
  • Reclining Seat – The seat goes from almost completely flat to 90 degrees.
  • Easy to Steer – Solid handle and duel pivot wheels provide stability and maneuverability.

CONS review summary: 

  • No place to store keys / phone.
  • Cup holder since it is located on the side catch other objects easily.
  • Small under carriage does not provide a lot of space for personal items or diaper bag.



Chicco Bravo Stroller

PROS review summary: 

  • One of the simplest top rated baby strollers to operate with many “accessories” coming standard.
  • One handed open and close!
  • Flexible canopy – Canopy can be unzipped and moved to provide frontal shade (useful as sunset).
  • Adjustable handle bar for us taller/shorter folks (all strollers should have this!)
  • Large undercarriage for storage.

CONS review summary:

  • Car seat adaptor sometimes sticks.
  • Wheels are not suited for bumpy pavement or gravel.
  • Wheels start to squeak for some users after a few months.


Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller

PROS review summary: 

  • #3 best selling, top rated baby stroller on Amazon.
  • Light Weight – Weighing just 17 pounds, this is the light full feature stroller in our review (almost half the weight of the others)
  • Built in cup holder and storage basket – Most other completers require buying additional attachments.
  • Grows with your child – adjustable calf support system adjusts to larger toddlers.
  • Large Undercarriage – extra-large basket underneath to store you purse / diaper bag.

CONS review summary: 

  • Breakdown / Setup is more difficult than competitors.
  • Child tray difficult to remove.
  • Not the most comfortable stroller for larger kids due to the metal bar at the top of the backrest.

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