toddler in high chair eatingFeeding! It’s such a key activity for both babies and toddlers – keeping them happy and keeping them growing.

In order to get you started, we’ve compiled our top rated baby product feeding categories below.

It’s important to remember that feeding categories are among the baby products that you will use not only daily, but hourly.

Baby bottles, sippy cups, and high chairs are among the staples in any house with young children. It’s important to choose these wisely as you’ll be regretting buying something that frustrates you if you use it multiple times a day.

You’ll also want to choose models that are EASY to clean as the constant washing and cleaning just becomes a big part of your life as well.  (Sigh).

Remember also to think about models that rank well, are BPA-free, and look for labels that indicate microwave and/or dishwasher-safe in case you want to run them through.

(We actually just boil all of our bottles and breast pump parts once a week – we find that it works better and I feel that they come out much cleaner! A good tip is to do this right after your baby gets over being sick – so you’re not re-contaminating him or her)

Our Top Rated Baby Product Feeding Categories:

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