Top Rated High Chairs

A high chair purchase is a fun one –  it means that your baby is sitting up, ready to eat, and watching the world.  Some of my favorite pictures come from my littles sitting in high chairs!

However, be that as it may, I do have mixed emotions about high chairs.

In some ways, they are amazing. In others, they are tough to keep clean, as food gets wedged in the nooks and crannies, and then you are constantly digging things out.

In fact, we even have a portable high chair seat that we take with us, and in some ways, this seat is even better than buying an actual high chair.

It takes up less room, straps onto an actual chair, and can come with us anywhere.

To help you decide, we have dug up the best and top rated high chairs for your review, and included the pros and cons of each model from Amazon reviewers.

I have made sure that each of these models (according to reviewers) are sturdy, last through multiple children and are considered safe (my daughter managed to tip over her chair in the portable one I just mentioned!).

These are all considerations you should think about before purchasing, and be sure to check out 5 Tips for Eating Out with Toddlers and Babies while you’re at it!


Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Seating System

Pros review summary:

  • One of the best selling, top rated high chairs on Amazon
  • 4-in-1 system grows with your child; can simultaneously seat a toddler and infant
  • Seat includes 6 height positions and 3 recline levels
  • Tray is attachable and removable with one hand
  • Comes with 3 trays that layer on top of each other; making it easy to remove dirty try and have clean one on the bottom
  • Safely secures with both 3 and 5 point harness

Cons review summary:

  • A few reviewers mention that the infant insert moves around, making it difficult to secure baby properly with straps; and dangerous if taken out and straps are loose
  • Some reviewers note that the colors are slightly different than what’s shown online on some models
  • Some folks mention it’s not the easiest to maneuver; and booster seat does not attach to high chair – it comes separate (a little misleading from the picture)


Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

Pros review summary:

  • Converts from full size high chair to booster seat and then toddler chair
  • Tray is dishwasher safe and can be removed with one hand
  • Booster and toddler chair accommodate two at once
  • Includes 3 recline positions and 5 point harness

Cons review summary:

  • Biggest complaint for most users is that the height doesn’t change
  • Reviewers note that wheels are a little awkward and the back wheels don’t swivel, so can be hard to move


Cosco Simple Fold Deluxe High Chair

Pros review summary:

  • One of the more affordable top rated high chair options on the market
  • 3 position adjustable tray and cup holder
  • Includes dishwasher-safe tray insert
  • Easy to fold up without removing tray
  • Includes 3 point harness

Cons review summary:

  • Reviewers note that you can’t change the recline positioning or the footrest positioning
  • A few folks noted that the buckles pinched their skin and to watch out


Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

Pros review summary:

  • Perfect for smaller sized homes
  • Includes 2 height adjustments and 3 recline positions
  • Includes 5 pt to 3 pt harness
  • Tray is dishwasher safe and easy to remove

Cons review summary:

  • Doesn’t include a removable tray insert, and you have to use two hands to remove the tray
  • More than a couple folks noted that you have to undo screws to remove some of the straps for cleaning


ciao! baby Portable Travel Highchair

Pros review summary:

  • The most portable of the top rated high chair options
  • Only weighs 8 pounds and includes cup holder
  • Easily folds out, locks into place, and then folds up quickly
  • Easy to clean and wipes up easily
  • Includes clear vinyl tray cover and secure lap belt

Cons review summary:

  • Reviewers note that the tray dips down toward the baby slightly, which could be a problem with food
  • Leg openings are somewhat small

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