The Knit Monitor: A Sneak Peek at the Next Generation of Baby Monitors

Happy November to ya! 

I’m super excited to share our next product spotlight – on an item not even on the market yet!

Thanks to one of our savvy readers, we got hooked up with the founder of Knit, David Janssens.

Knit is a brand new baby monitor currently on Kickstarter, working its way towards getting an extra $100K in crowdfunding. 

So – what makes Knit so awesome compared to other baby monitors?

Unlike other products, Knit actually shows you through the camera that your baby is breathing…. with NO wearables, meaning there is nothing attached to your baby.

baby breathing through knit monitor camera

Their camera technology mimics the way our brains learn, giving the camera intelligence to interpret what it sees.

This enables Knit to learn and personalize sleep, breathing and growth patterns.  Super cool, right?

As a result, all of these are tracked in a smartphone application to help you better understand how your child sleeps.

We love this.  But what can we DO with this sleep pattern information, other than to make sure our child gets back to sleep?

The answer? Surprisingly, a lot.

To find out more, David hooked us up with trial user Jennifer Lou, mother to a 2.5-year-old boy.  Jennifer shares the scoop on Knit below and how it can make a difference for other parents. Check it out below!

1) What ages are your children, and which one(s) do you use Knit for? 

 I have one child, my son is 2.5 years old.

 2) The differentiating factor for Knit is that it showcases a baby’s breathing without wearables. How has your experience been with Knit? Has it worked well for you guys? Any hiccups? 

My experience with Knit has been great, and we haven’t really experienced any hiccups.

We first tried the product for 4-5 days when my son was about 16 months of age (last fall). That trial happened to coincide with a sleep regression period (he was previously sleep trained).  Seeing the sleep data over and over made us realize that we needed a little help, so we reached out to a sleep consultant much sooner than we would have without the data.

knit iphone app imageOur second trial with the product started around April of this year. With all the sleep data, we’ve been able to  1) adjust his bedtime accordingly, 2) figure out when his second molars had come in and, 3) modify his day if he had not had a good night’s sleep the night before.

Having Knit – it’s become the single best indicator of how our son’s temperament and his day is going to be.

Another side note/benefit to Knit is that receiving the sleep information has changed the communication between my husband and I.  For instance, it’s no longer “What time did he wake up? How long was he awake?” – we get all of that information from the app.

The breathing feature has been great. Sometimes I’ll turn it on at night as a way to check in without going in. I could see it being really useful when kids have a cold.

And if we had had Knit when my son was an infant, we definitely would have used it instead of hovering over him to check his breathing.

3) How does this compare to other baby monitors you’ve used?

 It’s no comparison, really. The Knit camera is hands down so much better than any monitor we’ve used.   Before Knit, we bought a Dropcam (now Nestcam).  

With Knit, for a price point similar to Dropcam, you get so much more – daily sleep data, video clips, breathing, alerts, etc.

 4)  Do you see using this for your kids beyond the baby/toddler stage? 

 Yes, I could see myself using this beyond the baby/toddler stage. It would be helpful especially as transitions come up, or sickness, or just an indication of how their mood will be for the day.

toddler rolling around crib through knit camera

Like if my husband had an app that told him every morning how well-rested I was or wasn’t, would he pay for it? Hell yes, because he knows the quality of my sleep is directly related to how I’ll be feeling and how much I’m able to take on that day.

Now take me out of the question and substitute in a child, then the camera serves as a way for the child to communicate to the parent. That might sound a little far-reaching of a statement, but it’s not really off the mark at all. Without Knit, we’d only be realizing that maybe our son didn’t sleep so well when he’s having a meltdown or tantrum more often than normal. Knit helps head that off.

 5)  Anything you wish that it did that it doesn’t currently do?

 Aside from sleep training and/or soothing my child in the middle of the night? Not currently 🙂 Oh wait, I do wish it was available on Android but I know that’s on their roadmap.  We’re content to use my husband’s iPhone until then.

Huge thanks to Jennifer for sharing her story.  You can pre-order Knit here, and be sure to check out their Kickstarter page for more information!

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