New Parent Baby Products List – Buy Secondhand

Ever been to a kids’ consignment shop? They are usually chock full of baby products, most of which can be found in fairly good condition.  

Buying secondhand can save a ton of money for some products, which we’ve listed out below. 

For example, unless you want a certain color or type, many gliders and rocking chairs end up in these shops and usually look pretty good.

With a little bit of Febreze and cleaning, these can be good as new.

Baby rockers and swings are another item that are usually only used for a few short months and then can be passed onto friends and family, especially if the family is done having kids!

Many cost over $100 new, and can be found gently used in several stores. They still work!

While we LOVE the idea of second-hand shopping, ALWAYS check out the item to ensure that’s it’s safely put together, clean and works properly.  

Take a look at the warnings and familiarize yourself with the product, since these items often don’t come with the packaging or instructions.


  • Glider – perfect for rocking, nursing, reading – and there are usually plenty at second hand stores for half of their normal price. However, check our top rated glider list for some ideas!
  • High Chair – while baby may not sit in this for a few months, keep an eye out for a gently used one that can be wiped down and easily and come with multiple tray covers.
  • Baby Swings, etc – anything to hold baby or keep him/her in motion while you need to have your hands free. Consignment places usually have TONS of these available.  We have a great top rated list here. 
  • Baby Carrier – Again, many secondhand places usually have several different wraps, harnesses, etc. to choose from.  We have both top rated baby carrier and backpack carrier lists!
  • Baby Gates – these can be used time and time again once they are cleaned, as long as they aren’t broken or missing parts. Make sure you check out our list first!

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