New Parents

new baby boy infant smiling with blanket

If you’re a new parent, congratulations! You’re beginning a wonderful journey and we’re so happy for you!

However, one of the frustrating things that new parents find is that there are SO MANY baby brands and products out there! 

The “must have” lists that Babies ‘R Us and other retail stores provide you can be long and quite intimidating, especially if you’re not familiar with brands or types of products included.

We’ve put together our best “getting started” list for new parents – items to buy new, items that can be bought second-hand, and items that are nice to have but not completely necessary.

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Remember, our site is designed to save you time and energy by doing the research for you. 

We examine reviews from the best selling, top-rated products in each category and report back summarized results quickly and concisely.

Once you’ve perused our lists, head over to our product category pages to find summarized information on the top-rated, best selling products in each baby category.

You’ll find great review information, pros & cons on each top rated product, and top baby brands.

We have categories such as travel system strollers, infant car seats, baby monitors, baby bottles, and more.

Why use our list? Because we’ve taken real world experience from moms like you and combined it with real Amazon review information,  the best baby brands, to form the best product list for you to start with.

Every baby is different, but this will at least give you a great starting place. New parents, experienced parents, and anyone in between can benefit.

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