New Parents Baby Products List – Nice to Have

And then there are the baby products that claim to change your life, but aren’t really necessary or they are completely superfluous. 

I’m calling this list “Nice to Have” because you can definitely do without them.

I go back to my story of how this website got started, in that stores like Babies ‘R’ Us and Buy Buy Baby have more products for children that we could have ever imagined, and they are getting more and more each day.

Some products have merit, others don’t – and this can be confusing if you’re trying to add products to a baby registry.

Spend some time talking to friends, other parents and folks who share their must-have lists, and be sure that you’ll actually use the item before you register for or purchase it.

For instance, some parents swear by their bottle warmers and wipe warmers, in that they have fussy babies who don’t like colder milk or cold wipes in the middle of the night. However, other babies may not care as much.

Changing tables are also an interesting one. Some parents buy them and then end up changing the kid on the bed, the floor and really don’t end up using it. Other parents use it all the time. It’s really about what’s best for YOUR family and your space.

These products are ones that you can also revisit once you have the baby and know more about his/her quirks.


  • Bassinet – these are pretty to look at, but baby usually only fits in these for a few months before you have to upgrade. Be sure to figure out your plan for where baby is sleeping if not in the crib right away. We really liked the Arms Reach Co-sleeper as an in-between or the Summer infant sleeper for our bedroom before transitioning to the full-size crib.
  • Changing Table – we found that with our daughter, we changed her everywhere (the floor, the bed, etc.). You don’t have to have this, but if you do, you can usually pick up on second-hand pretty cheaply.
  • Diaper Pail – my husband and I discovered that while some hide the odor quite well, they were a pain to remember to take out and filled up rather quickly. We just used the trash.
  • Bottle Warmer – definitely nice to have if you use bottles only, but you can also run under warm water for a few minutes too
  • Crib Bumpers – these are slightly controversial as some argue that there’s a risk of SIDS, while others like these for keeping baby from bumping their head or getting their arm caught.
  • Wipe Warmer – we bit the bullet and got one after we discovered our daughter hated cold wipes during night time changes. Not completely necessary, but definitely helps with the quick diaper change between sleeping hours.

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