baby playing in toy activity centerLet’s get into some of our favorite things – top rated baby and toddler toys!

We all know that toys can be a great stimulation tool for babies, and that they make the world go round for toddlers.

Let’s face it – we all face the same problem when we’re invited to a baby’s birthday party and we’re not sure about what gift to get.

Hopefully we can help make that an easier decision.

Below, we have lists of the best toys for ages 0-3, and also toys that help promote various learning and development skills.

It’s always good to check into the below lists before purchasing a gift for a baby or toddler.

Toys that are often okay for a 2 year old may not yet be appropriate for a 1 year old (things like small toys that are choking hazards, etc.)

Be sure that the toy you purchase is okay for his or her age, and also consider checking with the parent first.

The first five years of the child’s life are also are jam-packed with learning and brain cell development – it pays to get toys that help promote that development.

The lists we have compiled below are from both our site and our sister site (  Happy shopping!

Top Rated Toys by Age:

Top Rated Toys by Skill:

(on our sister site


**These lists only take into consideration toys that are ranked four stars and up and are best sellers in their category.  Unlike our other categories, we don’t list the pros & cons for each model, but these will most likely give you a great starting point for your search.

Happy shopping!

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