baby playing in toy activity centerLet’s get into some of our favorite things – top rated baby toys!

We all know that toys can be a great stimulation tool for babies, and that they make the world go round for toddlers.

Let’s face it – we all face the same problem when we’re invited to a baby’s birthday party and we’re not sure about what gift to get.

Hopefully we can help make that an easier decision.

Below, we have lists of the best toys for ages 0-3, and also toys that help promote various learning and development skills.  Hope these help give you some great options!

Top Rated Toys by Age:

Top Rated Toys by Skill:

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**These lists only take into consideration toys that are ranked four stars and up and are best sellers in their category.  Unlike our other categories, we don’t list the pros & cons for each model, but these will most likely give you a great starting point for your search.

Happy shopping!

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